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Hello Thomastown mates! When you saunter down the lanes of Thomastown, a sense of belonging envelops you. Streets lined with tales of yesterday, yet bustling with the dynamism of today. At TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS, our heart beats in tandem with Thomastown’s rhythm, and we’re here to elevate the stories these homes tell.

Thomastown: An Odyssey of Traditions & Tomorrow

Resting snugly in Melbourne’s vibrant north, Thomastown is a testament to timeless allure combined with a sprinkle of modern-day magic. Our mission? To mirror this duality in homes that are both snug nooks of memories and canvases for new tales.

The TOUCH HOME Commitment:

Services Shaped for Thomastown:

Why Thomastown Picks TOUCH HOME:

  • Community First: As members of the Thomastown family, every project is personal. We’re dedicated to enhancing the community one home at a time.
  • Detail-Oriented Approach: Thomastown is in the details—the iconic laneways, the heritage trees. Similarly, our renovations are about perfecting the little nuances.
  • Timely Deliveries: Respect for your time is paramount. We commit to timelines and ensure your renovated space is ready for you as promised.

Your Renovation Rendezvous:

Crafting Thomastown's Tomorrow, Today.

With every home we touch, we aim to reflect Thomastown’s soul—where stories of the past meet dreams of the future. In a suburb that celebrates both its roots and wings, every home is a symbol of love, life, and legacy.

Embarking on a renovation journey in Thomastown? Dial (0402) 466-873. Let’s create spaces that resonate with every heartbeat of this beautiful suburb.

TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS – Reflecting Thomastown’s essence. From the serenity of its parks to the buzz of its markets, let’s shape homes that echo every echo of Thomastown.

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