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In the leafy heartland of Melbourne’s northeast, Templestowe stands tall, whispering tales of time and tradition. A suburb where tree-lined serenity meets contemporary desires. At TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS, we’re not just renovating houses; we’re weaving dreams into the very fabric of Templestowe homes.

Templestowe - Where Heritage Embraces Modernity

Amidst the eucalyptus whispers and friendly neighbourhood laneways, Templestowe presents homes steeped in character and stories. Our mission? To elevate these tales, blending them seamlessly with modern luxury and function.

Here's What Makes TOUCH Stand Out in Templestowe:

Templestowe Tales, TOUCH Craftsmanship

More than Renovations, It’s About Building Trust in Templestowe

TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS is more than a business; we’re a partner, a confidant. Each brick laid, every space curated, echoes with our dedication to your Templestowe vision. As we reshape homes, we fortify the trust placed in us, one project at a time.

Ready to Transform Your Templestowe Home?

Visualise your Templestowe home transformed, where heritage marries modern elegance, where every corner echoes with your personality, and where dreams are lived daily. If this strikes a chord, it’s time we talk. Begin your Templestowe home’s metamorphosis. Reach out to us at (0402) 466-873.

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