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In Preston, a suburb ripe with character and memories, houses speak. They share tales of families growing, of laughter echoing through hallways, of love stories unfolding on verandas. At TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS, we’re not just renovators; we’re storytellers, reigniting your home’s spirit with meticulous craftsmanship, love, and respect for its history.

Embracing Preston's Authenticity

Nestled amidst Melbourne’s vibrant Northern suburbs, Preston is a place where past meets present, where tree-lined streets meet urban vitality. Our house renovations are crafted to mirror this unique character, blending old-world charm with modern sophistication.

Why Preston’s Heart Beats with TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS:

Our Signature Services in Preston:

Moulding Homes That Resonate with Preston

Our mission is to magnify the natural beauty of Preston homes, blending memories etched into walls with contemporary elegance. Every brush stroke, every nail driven, every design decision is a testament to our love for Preston and its residents.

Ready to Rediscover Your Preston Home?

Imagine a sunlit kitchen, the heart of family gatherings. Envision a lounge where Preston’s heritage whispers tales, but with modern comforts cradling you. TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS can turn these dreams into your daily life.

Embark on this transformation with us. Ring us now at (0402) 466-873. Let’s breathe new life into your Preston home, crafting spaces you’ll cherish forever.

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