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 Infusing Northcote’s Bohemian Soul into Every Dwelling. Ah, Northcote. With its bohemian heart, stunning Victorian and Edwardian homes, and the verdant embrace of the Merri Creek trails, it’s no wonder this beloved Melbourne suburb exudes a charm of its own. At TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS, we’re passionate about harnessing Northcote’s distinctive aura and embedding it into every nook and corner of your cherished abode.

Why Northcote Locals Trust the TOUCH Experience

Tailored Services for Northcote’s Diverse Homes

From historic homes to modern apartments, Northcote is an architectural tapestry:

Capturing Northcote’s Pulse

Northcote is a melting pot of art, nature, and community. Our renovations don’t just mimic this; they immerse themselves in it. Every project becomes a symphony of Northcote’s eclectic energy.

Sustainability: A Nod to Northcote's Nature

Taking cues from Northcote’s green spaces and sustainable initiatives, our methods prioritize eco-friendliness. We champion sustainable materials and energy-efficient designs, ensuring your home is kind to Mother Earth.

Voices of Northcote

TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS redefined our living space. Our home now effortlessly resonates with Northcote’s vibrant aura, all thanks to their intuitive designs.” – Mia & Jack, Northcote Enthusiasts

Embark on Your Northcote Home Transformation!

Imagine: Your Northcote haven, gracefully blending the suburb’s artistic spirit with modern luxuries, awaiting your return every evening. Eager to see this vision come to life? Dial (0402) 466-873 and let’s turn that dream home in Northcote into a reality.

TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS – Crafting homes in Northcote that aren’t just spaces to live in, but experiences to cherish. Whether you’re nestled near the bustling High Street or the tranquil All Nations Park, we aim to encapsulate the Northcote essence in every renovation. Reach out to us, and let’s design a home that’s distinctly Northcote and uniquely yours.

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