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Kew’s breathtaking architecture has been the pride of Melbourne for decades, offering a blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. At the heart of Kew’s charm are homes that resonate with personality, history, and a dash of contemporary flair. Here at TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS, we understand the essence of Kew and the stories embedded in its homes. We’re here to curate those narratives into a rejuvenated living experience.

Kew: An Architectural Canvas Like No Other

Nestled among the sprawling greens and bustling streets of Melbourne, Kew boasts homes with tales as rich as the suburb’s own history. Every façade tells a story, every garden sings a melody. Our mission is to harmonise with this unique symphony, providing a renovation service that respects Kew’s heritage while echoing the aspirations of its residents.

The TOUCH Philosophy: Why Kew Residents Trust Us

Curating Masterpieces in Kew with TOUCH

Celebrating a Legacy of Trust in Kew

Our bond with Kew goes beyond bricks and paint. It’s a relationship woven with threads of trust, community engagement, and a genuine passion for creating homes that stand as testimonies to dreams realised.

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