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Hello Box Hill! How about turning the house you live in, into the home you’ve always dreamt of? Located right in the vibrant community of Box Hill, TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS is here to make that dream come true. We’re more than just a renovation company; think of us as your local mates striving to uplift our suburb, one beautiful home at a time.

Why Box Hill Trusts Touch Home Renovations?

Our Renovation Palette

Whether it’s a heritage property or a contemporary abode, our offerings are vast and tailored:

The TOUCH HOME Experience

We don’t just swing a hammer; we start by lending an ear. Our first step? Understanding your aspirations, needs, and the memories you aim to create. Only after this, with a clear blueprint in mind, does the physical transformation begin. All the while, ensuring your daily life hums along undisturbed.

Green Choices, Brighter Futures

Box Hill’s environment means the world to us. Our renovation methodologies are as green as they come, ensuring your home’s impact on our suburb remains minimal and sustainable.

Words From Our Box Hill Family

“After TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS worked their magic, our home’s not just visually appealing, but also tells our family’s tale. Brilliant job, mates!” – Dave & Mia, Box Hill

Ready to Embark on Your Home’s Journey?

Let’s make your home resonate with your heartbeat. A chat is all it takes to set the wheels in motion. Give us a tingle on (0402) 466-873 022 and let’s map out your home’s transformation.

In Box Hill, we don’t just craft houses; we nurture homes. With TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS, every brick laid and every corner turned radiates warmth and love. Let’s build something beautiful together.

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