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Hello, Sunshine! Nestled in Melbourne’s thriving western corridor, Sunshine is a mosaic of cultures, a hub of vibrant life, and a reflection of modern Australia’s eclectic charm. In such a lively setting, shouldn’t your bathroom be the tranquil oasis you deserve? With TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS, it’s time to add a sprinkle of Sunshine magic to your bathroom.

Sunshine & Your Bathroom: A Union of Brilliance

At the heart of every Sunshine home lies stories of dreams, aspirations, and memories. We craft bathrooms that resonate with these tales.

bathroom renovations Mill park
bathroom renovations Mill park

TOUCH Home Difference: Why Sunshine Chooses Us

Creating Bathrooms That Reflect Sunshine's Soul:

Our Promise to Sunshine:

Amidst the bustling markets, flourishing arts scene, and the tapestry of cultures lies Sunshine’s core – its people. Our commitment is:

  • To delve deep into your stories, ensuring your bathroom is a genuine reflection of them.
  • To capture Sunshine’s unique spirit in every design, celebrating its past while looking ahead.
  • To not just renovate but to rejuvenate, giving you a space of serenity and style.

Ready to Infuse a Touch of Sunshine into Your Bathroom?

TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS is your trusted partner to craft a bathroom that feels like a serene retreat, yet undeniably Sunshine at its core. A space where every morning feels invigorating, and every evening feels like a gentle embrace.

Eager to commence your renovation journey? Reach out at 0402 644 873. Together, let’s create a Sunshine masterpiece in your home!

At TOUCH HOME RENOVATIONS, we believe in translating the soul of Sunshine into spaces of comfort and luxury. Through our designs, every bathroom becomes a canvas of your memories and Sunshine’s vibrancy.

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